New books by local authors

Michelle Camm’s follow up to A Lioness is Tubby Custard, the story of an adopted dog. Tubby is really grateful for being rescued by the caring people at Senior Staffy Club and then being given a forever home by his new loving family.
The paperback, selling at £7.99 (plus £2.70 to receive by post), will be enjoyed by children, says Michelle. It can be bought from the author who is hoping to raise £500 for various dog rescue charities by donating £2 from each sale.
Tubby Custard has his own Facebook page, where details of how to order can be found.

Trevor Belshaw was born on Crompton Street in Ilkeston in the mid-fifties, attended Hallcroft school and worked for a while at Stanton Ironworks. After marrying and moving away, he returned to live in the town in 2017.
Betrayal is the latest novel by him. It is the fourth book in his Unspoken series. For those unfamiliar with the books, Unspoken is a dual timeline saga featuring the Mollison family.
In 1938, Alice was forced to take over the running of the family farm at 18 following the death of both her parents.
Alice’s great granddaughter is a journalist who is determined to tell her beloved Alice’s story to the world. Jessica, like Alice before her, is suffering from the family man curse but will the new man in her life, the handsome police officer, Christopher Kent, finally break the cycle and give Jessica the happy future she so desperately craves?
Find the book here.


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