Half way there! Charity runners are on target

Remember our story about Ian Jackson aiming to run down all 644 streets in Ilkeston to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK and Ben’s Den?
Well, Ian has been joined by his son in law Oliver Finch and they are well on their way, having covered half the town.
The pair set out from The Copse three weeks ago and are taking pictures of street signs on the way. They plan to complete their challenge with a ‘big finish’ going up Bath Street to the Market Place.
Warehouse worker Ian, 56, who has previously taken part in the London Marathon, said: “We are running three times a week; we have done half the streets now.
“People at Shipley View thought we were lost – or mad! – running up and down all the cul-de-sacs.”
Oliver, 38, who is employed at Games Workshop, is married to Ian’s daughter Katie.
They have recently completed all the streets in Kirk Hallam – quite an achievement in itself.
The whole journey will see them cover over an estimated one hundred miles. They are hoping for donations in excess of £1,000.
Ian’s father Keith Jackson was also a fund raiser, raising money for the Val Jackson scanner at Ilkeston Hospital in the eighties.
Ian said: “We have lost two good friends to cancer over the last few years so these causes are very dear to our hearts.”
Pancreatic Cancer UK is a national charity funding research and treatment to help people with the condition, while Ben’s Den is a local charity providing caravan holidays for families where there is a child fighting cancer.
To follow Ian and Oliver’s progress visit their Facebook page Run Ilson. To donate, go to

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