Mission accomplished

They’ve done it!
Ian Jackson and his son-in-law Oliver Finch have competed their ‘Run Ilson’ Challenge.
In September they set out to run down every street in Ilkeston, and on Sunday 5th November they completed the task with a big finish on the Market Place.
News media and supporters had gathered outside the Town Hall to greet them and cheer them in.
It was all in aid of charity.
Ian said: “We’ve lost a couple of dear friends and work colleagues over the years through pancreatic cancer so we thought it would be good to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.
“We’re also raising money for Ben’s Den, a local charity that helps families where there is a child fighting cancer.”
“It was emotional finishing. We’ve logged 580 streets and covered 75 miles. Some of the streets we’ve never seen before. We’ve had some funny looks going up and down cul-de-sacs.
“It was a good chance to raise money and get fit. You’re in a different world when you’re running. It’s great for your mental health.”
Money is still coming in for the fund-raiser. An extra £150 was collected at the finish line, and, says Ian: “there are collection pots in various places around town which will be collected in a couple of weeks. At the moment total is over £1,400.”


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