Dog had a good life

Does anyone recognise this dog. He was picked up by a dog warden about 14 years ago. My brother lived in Ilkeston and got him as a rescue dog. He had him chipped when he got him. Two years later my brother emigrated to the USA and took the dog with him. To get the dog on a flight he had to get a letter from a vet saying he was fit to travel and he had to confirm the chip was working. When the vet scanned him (the same vet who’d chipped him) it picked up TWO chips. So, the dog warden and the vet had neglected to check him properly. As my brother had owned him for two years he went ahead and took him to the states. My brother messaged me yesterday to tell me that the dog is very ill and nearing the end of a long and happy life. He would like the original owner to know that their lost dog has had a good and full life and has been well cared for. If know the original owner can you let them know. Thanks.

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