Helter-skelter ride that doesn’t end on the mat at the bottom

A local writer Clare C-Saunders has launched her new children’s novel – Yule and the Helter Skelter.
The cover illustration is from a drawing by her daughter Rose when 15 years old.
Clare says the book will be the first of a trilogy called Charlotte and Arthur’s Adventures.
Yule and the Helter Skelter has 25 chapters and is about 12-year-old Charlotte and her ten-year-old brother Arthur who are enjoying a visit to a seaside fair when they are spun off to a place of surprises and magical adventures.
The book is published in paperback format by Fisher-King Publishing, has 180 pages and a suggested reading age range of 8 to 18 years.
Clare has snacked in the U-choose café in Ilkeston and has been a presenter (Clare Smiley) on Erewash Sound.
Yule and the Helter Skelter is out now on Amazon (£9.99) and Kindle (3.99).



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