Surprise card from Canada

Residents of a care home in Ilkeston received an unexpected Christmas card.
The card and newsletter came all the way from Nelson Jubilee Manor in Canada.
The home nestling in the mountains of Selkirk sent seasonal greetings and a poem:

‘Christmas is more than a day in December,
It’s all those things that that we love to remember.
It’s carollers singing familiar refrains,
Bright coloured stockings and shiny toy trains,
Streamers of tinsel and glass satin balls,
Laughter that rings through the house and its halls.
Christmas is more than a day in December,
it’s the magic and the love that we’ll always remember.’

Nat Summerfield, Activities Coordinator at Canal Vue Care Home says: “You can imagine our excitement at receiving a letter from Canada. The Home’s Recreation Coordinator Angela Adams-Helgren put together a letter full of interesting facts about the area they live in. The biggest surprise of which was mention of Big Foot roaming in the area. We’re looking forward to further updates, and potential photos of that!”


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