Trouble flares up at Ilkeston match

Ilkeston Town’s match at Chasetown today ended with police racing to the Scholars Ground.
Trouble broke out after the home side scored a late goal to defeat Ilkeston 1-0.
Ilkeston had taken a good number of supporters to the game and they were shocked when a small section of young Chasetown fans behind the goal turned on them.
One of the Ilkeston supporters who got caught up in it said: “That was definitely one of the worst football matches I’ve ever been to.”
Women and pensioners couldn’t escape the disorder, some ending up on the floor and one having his glasses broken.
A regular travelling Ilkeston fan said: “Our lot are like family. We were not expecting this.”
Another: “My grandad was knocked over.”
Another: “You wouldn’t believe the fights. We’re battered and bruised. We had a police escort out of the ground.”
Photo: Stewards outside the ground.


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