Ilkeston Town v Marine updates from 3pm.
This promises to be a good match. Ilkeston have won their last four matches. So have Marine.
Marine are 2nd in the table with 51 pts from 16 games.
Ilkeston are 10th with 39 pts from 13 games.
A good crowd is expected at the Microlise New Manor Ground for today’s encounter, possibly the NPL’s ‘match of the day’.
Ilkeston team:
1 Yates, 2 Perch, 3 Parker, 4 Declan Eratt-Thompson, 5 T Marshall, 6 Cox, 7 Brandy, 8 Minkley, 9 Cursons, 10 Starkie, 11 Walker.
Subs: King, Wafula, Loughlan, Alex Marshall, Leivers (GK).
1 Hutchinson, Waters, 3 Saas, 4 Gregson, 5 Butler, 6 Wardle, 7 Sinclair-smith, 8 White, 9 Grant, 10 Solomon, 11 Robinson.
Bench: 12 Pratt, 13 Cowderoy (GK), 14 Routledge, 17 Doyle, 19 Ferguson.
And away we go. We’re underway with Ilkeston kicking towards the car park end.
Ilkeston are first with a decent attack. Cursons shoots wide after good work by Walker.
Marine’s Grant is spoken to by the ref after a foul on Yates.
A good effort by Sinclair-Smith for Marine goes over the bar.
Keeper Luke Hutchinson shows his alertness with a good save at the other end from Walker’s strong header. Chance created by Eratt-Thompson.
The game is much livelier now.
Drone stops play! The match is temporarily stopped when a drone flies over the pitch. Ref goes to the dugouts.
Back in action and Ilkeston score!
GOAL by Cursons. Brilliant play by Brandy. Walker’s shot saved and Curson’s follow-up goes in. 27 mins. 1-0.
Nearly another as Walker makes Hutchinson’s bar shudder with a shot from distance.
Sinclair-Smith is just too high with a free kick for Marine.
Tom Marshall is next to have a go for Ilkeston. Hutchinson is able to clutch it though. Good effort from the edge of the penalty area.
Ilkeston fans gasp as Marine’s Solomon almost scores from a curling corner. It hits the far post.
30-yard dribble by Brandy is applauded.
Half time: Ilkeston 1 Marine 0.
[HT Charlton 0 Derby 1 – 11 mins. added time after Derby player injury; Mansfield 1 Notts County 0]
Second half at the NMG. First half was a good one for Ilkeston.
Two good saves by Matt Yates as Marine make a strong start.
Blow for Ilkeston. Brandy is hurt and can’t continue. Replaced by new signing Jonathan Wafula.
Marine are having a good spell.
Today’s attendance: 747.
Ilkeston fans are trying to lift their team. We’re under some pressure. Only occasional breaks at the moment,
GOAL for Marine. Solomon equalises with a great volley. 70 mins. 1-1.
Walker races into the Marine box but he’s tackled and only gets a corner.
Marine look the stronger side now but Ilkeston could still get a breakaway goal. Walker is replaced by Alex Marshall.
Ilkeston go close! Denied by a Marine goal-line clearance!
Marine goalie Hutchinson is hurt after a collision with Alex Marshall – he’s replaced by Cowderoy for last few minutes. Alex is booked.
Six extra minutes.
Ilkeston go close again. It’s Marine hanging on now. What a finish!
Tom Marshall hits a post for Ilkeston!
Tom Marshall gets back and stops a Marine break.
Full time: Ilkeston 1 Marine 1.


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