Ilkeston Town v Macclesfield
Teams –
Ilkeston Town:
1 Yates, 2 Anderson, 3 Parker, 4 Wilder, 5 Perch, 6 Cox, 7 Goodson, 8 Dixon, 9 Waite, 10 Eratt-Thompson 11Walker
Bench : 12Keane, 14 Brandy, 15 Starkie, 16 Hallam, 17 Hanson.
1 O’Keefe, 2 Pemberton, 3 Dawson, 4 Fensome, 5 Heathcote, 6 Sass, 7 Kengri, 8 Mendy, 9 Curran, 10 Rooney, 11 Duffy.
Bench : 12 Drummond, 14 Murphy, 15 Nolan, 16 Peers, 17 Joshua.
We’re underway.
Macclesfield, 3rd in the table, are looking a good side. They are out to make an early breakthrough. Matt Yates makes a good save from Duffy.
An Ilkeston attack ends with O’Keefe grabbing the ball under his bar. The cross was from Walker.
It’s the visitors who are creating the better chances. Duffy again lets fly – luckily for Ilkeston it’s over the bar.
Ben Starkie comes on for Ilkeston replacing Dixon.
Ilkeston supporters are doing their best to boost their team but Macclesfield – and Duffy in particular – look strong.
A promising Ilkeston attack fizzles out with a shot by Eratt-Thompson going wide.
Then a shot by Goodson is saved by O’Keefe.
But the ball is mainly in Ilkeston’s half.
Zak Goodson has been booked for shirt-pulling.
Good effort by Starkie has O’Keefe worried but the shot goes just wide of the post and bar.
Four added minutes.
Half-time: 0-0.
We’re off again at the NMG.
[Women’s international: Netherlands 2 England 1. Netherlands with a 90th minute winner.]
Duffy crosses but no one can get on the end of it.
Starkie lifts the Ilkeston crowd with a good effort.
Macclesfield continue to have more possession than Ilkeston but Ilkeston are having some decent attacking moments.
Starkie and Anderson link up well and Starkie’s shot goes close.
Then Starkie is booked for something.
Goodson replaced by Brandy.
At the other end Duffy almost finds a way through.
GOAL for Macclesfield. Drummond header beats Yates. 70 mins. 0-1.
Ilkeston go close at the other end – Walker’s free kick a whisper away.
Wilder replaced by Hallam.
RED CARD for Macclesfield player. Their captain is shown a second yellow card after a foul on Eratt-Thompson.
GOAL for Ilkeston – Jamie Walker scores, heading in Jordan Hallam’s cross. 80 mins, 1-1.
Ilkeston pile forward. O’Keefe makes a great save. Then a terrific shot by Starkie doesn’t go in somehow.
Drummond booked for fouling Walker.
90 minutes are up. 4 mins. added time.
Macclesfield get a big chance at the end but Ilkeston survive.
Full time: Ilkeston 1 Macclesfield 1. Gate: 953.


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