Steph Patterson, Purplehaze’s Parlour:

Are you a business owner in Ilkeston?
All business owners, big or small, need to come to this meeting.
If you own or work in a managerial role on the high street or in the Ilkeston area, you need to come to this meeting.
Shop, Bar, Cafe, Office, factory owner, you need to come to this meeting.
These meetings are for you to have a say on issues that effect your business.
Come and join a team of business people, who care about what is happening in Ilkeston.
We are a united force and by standing together, we can show what Ilkeston and our businesses mean to us.
You need to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Ilkeston.
Date: Thursday 12th October 2023
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: Ilkeston Town Hall
1. Welcome and introduction
2. Overview of the benefits and objectives of the Ilkeston Chamber of Commerce
3. Discussion on the role and responsibilities of chamber members
4. Election of key officers and board members
5. Open forum for ideas, suggestions, and concerns
6. Next steps and action plan.


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