Andrea Elton:
A friend of ours has a band called The Mid-Life Crisis, who are based in Mansfield. Once a year they play a gig for free for a local charity of their choosing to help that charity raise much needed funds and awareness. Knowing that my husband, Adi, is a committee member of Every One Eats, they approached him asking if we would like their support this year. Naturally we jumped at the chance and the date was set for Friday 21st October at the Festival Inn.
The best part about the evening is the cost of the tickets. Following the “Every One Eats ethos” of inclusiveness, and being aware that times are tough, the tickets are priced at what ever you can afford.
The important thing is everyone has the opportunity to enjoy an evening of great music, safe in the knowledge that anything you can pay for a ticket, every penny goes straight to Everyone Eats to help them to continue their fantastic work in the community.


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