Ladycross Care Home Campaign Update
from Catherine Atkinson
Staff at Ladycross Care Hope which is one of the seven care homes marked for closure by the Conservative run County County clubbed together to put on a tea dance for the residents over the weekend.
Dean Stevenson, who started the Save Ladycross Care Home campaign said: “Everyone is feeling low because of the plans of Derbyshire County Council, staff as well as residents. The staff wanted to cheer everyone up and they so clubbed together to be able to put on the party. This care homes means a lot to the whole community. So many local people have had family live here. It is important that we fight to protect it for older people in the future.
Local campaigner Catherine Atkinson said: “Derbyshire County Council are closing care homes claiming the demand for residential care will go down in the future. We have been taking the petition again closure door to door and people we have spoken to think that, with an ageing population, this is ridiculous.
When Ilkeston Community Hospital had half its beds closed we were told that 8 of those would be replaced by beds in Ladycross Care Home. Local people want to know whether those beds will be replaced.”
Local Parish Councillor, Celia Powers said:
“So much time, money and effort is and has recently been spent in doing up this we home. Derbyshire County Council claim they can’t afford to do it up and we know that the Government has made massive cuts to their funding. But lots of what is in the 2018 report they are basing their costs on has actually already been spent.
We all want good quality care for our loved ones. Ladycross provides that care, and local people trust it. It is vital we keep Ladycross open.”
Derbyshire County Council’s Older People’s Housing, Accommodation and Support Commissioning Strategy projects there will be less need for residential care in the long term. This is disputed by campaigners.


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