Canal Vue Care Home to Host a Coffee and Chat Dementia Guidance Session

Canal Vue Care Home is taking an empathetic step towards supporting those affected by dementia by organising a ‘Coffee and Chat’ dementia talk and guidance session.
Naomi, the home’s activity coordinator, understands the challenges faced by families of those with dementia and aims to offer support and advice through this event.
Attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and gain insights into the disease as well as the coping mechanisms and care available in a supportive and caring space over coffee, tea and cake with experienced senior staff members.
Understanding dementia is crucial, as it helps in recognising early signs, adopting effective care strategies, and empathising with those affected. The event is designed to be a safe and confidential environment, where questions can be openly discussed with experienced staff.
Naomi Allsop, Activities Coordinator at Canal Vue Care Home says” “This initiative is critical in building awareness and understanding around dementia. We hope this will be a positive experience for those who attend, and hope it supports those in our community currently navigating the challenges of dementia.”


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