Chaucer Junior School Embodies Kindness with a Heartwarming Gift

Mrs. Johnson’s class from Chaucer Junior School recently participated in a Forest School session that went beyond the usual learning activities. The young students engaged in an environmentally friendly project by making bird feeders, half of which were generously donated to the residents of Canal Vue Care Home.
The Forest School session, a part of the school’s curriculum that focuses on outdoor learning and nature-based activities, saw the children enthusiastically crafting bird feeders from eco-friendly materials.
The kind gesture, saw the children share their creations with the elderly residents of Canal Vue Care Home. “It’s more than just a bird feeder; it’s a bridge between generations,” remarked Mrs. Johnson, visibly proud of her students.
Naomi Allsop, the Activities Coordinator at the care home, warmly received the gifts from Kerry Wheatley, Community & Gardening Ambassador at Chaucer Junior School, which were hung throughout the garden, transforming the space into a haven for local birds.
Residents, many of whom spend a lot of time indoors, will be able to spend their time watching them enjoy the treats laid out for them.
As the birds begin to frequent the new feeders, they bring with them a message of connection and compassion, echoing the core values that Chaucer Junior School holds dear. This simple yet profound act of kindness by Mrs. Johnson’s class is a reminder of the impact that thoughtful gestures can have in bringing communities together and spreading joy across generations.
Photo: Pictured left to right, Kerry Wheatley Community & Gardening Ambassador at Chaucer Junior School sharing this act of kindness with Naomi Allsop, Activities Coordinator at Canal Vue Care Home.


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