Ilkeston classic car enthusiast Joseph Frederick-Thomas Gabrielli has landed himself a film part, along with his beloved black 1965 Ford Anglia, Penelope.
Penelope is a former Leicestershire police sergeant’s vehicle. She was ‘highly commended’ at Ilkeston’s annual Heritage and Classic Vehicle Show held in the Market Place last summer.
Producers of the film, called ‘The Medal’, say: “Shooting in 4k resolution, the London based television drama has been carefully crafted to bring fresh new talent into the acting scene.
“We have a flash back to the 1960’s to show the history of the story’s villain George/Sgt Briscoe and the Medal he holds. We plan to integrate a police brawl scene and car chase for high octane story telling, which will really help push the production value of The Medal.
“We are working on this independently with contacts we have made over the years to create something truly special. We have been fortunate enough to be introduced to Joseph Frederick-Thomas Gabrielli of Ilkeston who will be supplying vehicles and period costume for the police scene, as well as playing the Area Police Sergeant.
“Joseph will also be driving the police car (a 1965 Royal Imperial Black Ford Anglia) for the car chase sequence where the police pursue the villain. He is planning the scene which will help catapult the project into a high end style TV drama. This will hopefully push the production into the big league so that it rivals other big budgeted productions.”
The Medal is a collaboration between Sync Films, who specialise in short urban drama films, and the BBC.
Joseph, of Shipley View, is excited about landing the part and supplying the vehicles from his small classic collection. He said: “I’m thrilled that it’s been confirmed that I have a part. Filming will begin in London next year. It’s a supernatural three-part drama that I hope will grip viewers. And it will be great to see Penelope back in her old role as a police car.”

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  1. Joseph is a lovely man, very pleased for him. One of very few true Englishmen left. I am glad their are people still like him about, he could quite easily be Leslie Phillips of the 21st Century. Well done Joe. From all of us here at HGD Productions!

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