Maggie Throup MP met with Highways Cabinet Member, Cllr Dean Collins, two officers and County Councillor Michelle Booth at Godfrey Drive at Kirk Hallam to see what might be done to help with the very busy road. Due to the high capacity of traffic that uses this stretch seven days a week there are numerous problems faced daily by motorists, pedestrians and most of all, local residents who live near and on the busy thoroughfare. Michelle explained to Maggie how she had called a meeting with Highways officers a few months ago to highlight her concerns after a resident had contacted her following a collision from one of the smaller junctions. Officers have considered various measures but with the limited space available on the narrow parts of the road where the problems heighten, no changes are planned because restricted parking or chicanes would impact on residential properties access and road widening and one way options have the potential to cause new risks to highway safety.

Michelle said ‘our estates were not built for such volumes of traffic, between us-we don’t currently have a solution for this road – it serves two secondary schools, the Sports Hall which I successfully lobbied for, hundreds of homes and frequent bus networks. I am pleased that everyone is aware of the issues and that concerns raised at Godfrey Drive have been recorded and are on the radar for all parties to monitor’.Advertise here

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