Worksop Tn v Ilkeston Tn updates coming up.
Teams –
1 Malkowski, 2 Hutchinson. 3 Wilde. 4 Wedgbury, 5 Becherif, 6 Deegan Atherton, 7 Terry Hawkridge, 8 Redford, 9 Hall, 10 Burrow, 11 Rollins
Bench : 12 Taft, 14 Starjcenko. 15 Green, 16 Daniel, 19 Hughes.
1 Yates, 2 Perch, 3 Parker, 4 Eratt-Thompson, 5 Marshall T, 6 Cox, 7 Brandy, 8 Dixon, 9 Cursons, 10 Meikle, 11 Walker.
Bench: 12 Minkley,14 King, 15 Loughlan, 16 Waite, 17 Marshall A.
Peep! We’re underway.
This is a tough match for Ilkeston. Worksop are third from top.
Ilkeston are in the bottom half.
Straight away a Worksop shot flies across the face of Ilkeston’s goal.
Jamie Walker gets a chance for Ilkeston but his effort is blocked. Then Dixon has a shot saved by Malkowski.
Then Cursons forces a diving save from Malkowski.
Wow – Ilkeston on the attack!
GOAL for Worksop. Back to reality. Worksop go in front with a header from Burrow at the far post. 11 mins 1-0.
GOAL for Ilkeston. Amazing! Ilkeston reply straight away. It’s Brandy from close range. 13 mins. 1-1.
The ball is flying everywhere – Ilkeston are putting up a real fight against the high fliers. Walker for Ilkeston and Wilde for Worksop go close.
Eratt-Thompson sees his shot blocked after good set-up by Walker. Absolutely marvellous moment – brilliant play by Dixon and Cursons and keeper saves Dixon’s shot with an outstretched foot. Would have been goal of the season.
Wonder save by Yates from a free kick by Meikle.
Tom Marshall shot saved by Malkowski.
Fabulous performance by Ilkeston so far. 30 mins. Still 1-1.
Not surprisingly the game has slowed a bit as we approach half-time.
I was expecting a heavy defeat for Ilkeston today but instead they have matched Worksop. Still a long way to go but they have done really well so far.
Both keepers in action again.
An Ilkeston player is shown a yellow, presumably for kicking the ball away. Then a foul by Wilde on Walker. He gets a yellow as well.
Half time: Worksop 1 Ilkeston 1.
[HT: Grimsby 2 Notts County 2 – Two goals by Notts just before half time bring them level. McGoldrick (39 minutes) and Langstaff (45+1 minutes)]
Second half gets underway.
It’s another fast start. Cursons is flattened but nothing given not even a foul.
Worksop find the net but it’s offside.
Cursons breaks through, gets past the keeper but can’t reach the final ball. It’s gone too wide for him to find the net.
GOAL for Ilkeston. A header by Walker form Dixon’s cross beats Malinowski. 2-1 to Ilkeston. 55 mins.
Dixon is booked for a foul on Hawkridge who makes the most of it. The travelling Ilkeston fans are making themselves heard now.
Worksop are hitting back strongly.
Ilkeston are penned back but a break by Cursons almost gives Ilkeston a third – Malkowski to the rescue.
[Latest: Grimsby 4 Notts Co 3]
Worksop continue to have the edge.
Ilkeston bring on Minkley for debutant Meikle.
Declan Eratt-Thompson sees Malkowski off his line and tries a long shot but it’s wide. Gave the keeper a scare though.
Brandy replaced by Alex Marshall with about ten minutes to go. Two excellent saves by Yates keep Ilkeston in front as the hosts thrown everything at us.
Ilkeston are hanging on as we enter the closing moments.
Another great save by Yates. The pressure is constant.
Corner for Worksop is cleared.
Declan Eratt Thompson has been brilliant for Ilkeston.
Larell King replaces Connor Dixon to give us a breather.
Another brilliant save by Yates. What a hero.
Five mins into stoppage time and the whistle goes!
We’ve done it!
Full time: Worksop 1 Ilkeston 2.


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