Ilkeston Town V Guiseley
1 Yates, 2 Marshall T, 3 Parker, 4 Dixon, 5 Perch, 6 Minkley, 7 Brandy, 8 Eratt-Thompson 9 Waite, 10 Goodson, 11 Walker,
Bench : 12 King, 14 Starkie, 16 Loughlan, 17 Marshall A, 19 Leivers.
​1 Battersby, 2 Brown, 3 Kedal, 4 Whelan, 5 Walker, 6 Isle, 7 Moore, 8 Ekpolo, 9 Denton, 10 Johnson, 11 Nsaka.
Bench : 12 Murphy, 14 Pratt, 16 Ashman, 17 Chippendale, 19 Tongue.
Guiseley are sending high balls into the Ilkeston box.
Bad foul on Zak Goodson. But it’s only a yellow for Kendal.
GOAL for Ilkeston. From Brandy’s corner a Guiseley player O-Gs. Ilkeston 1 Guiseley 0, 24 mins.
GOAL for Guiseley. Nicky Walker heads in a cross from the left. 1-1. 30 mins.
GOAL for Guiseley. Liam Tongue finishes off a fast counter attack from the visitors. 1-2, 38 mins.
GOAL for Guiseley. Tom Denton scores from Kendall’s cross. 1-3. 40 mins.
Guiseley are thrashing Ilkeston now. Ilkeston want the half-time whistle.
Half time: Ilkeston 1 Guiseley 3.
[HT: Port Vale 0 Derby 0; Notts 1 Crawley 1]
The first half was not a pretty sight for Ilkeston fans: freezing cold and 3-1 down. We begin again.
Ben Starkie and Larell King have come on replacing Zak Goodson and Tom Marshall.
A half-chance falls to Tyrell Waite but it’s awkward and the ball is cleared.
Alex Marshall comes on replacing Waite.
Ilkeston are doing better this half but need a goal.
Ollie Battersby, between the sticks for Guiseley, is having an easy night. Ilkeston can’t get near him.
Spoke to soon. Declan Eratt-Thompson has a shot and so does Alex Marshall. Marshall’s shot is deflected wide for a corner.
{Latest: Port Vale 0 Derby 1; Notts 3 Crawley 1]
Ten minutes of normal time to go at the NMG.
Almost another own goal by a Guiseley player after Brandy crosses into the danger area. The ball almost kisses the post. At last Ilkeston are threatening to score! But they’re running out of time.
Great try by Connor Dixon, who ends up being pushed over.
Four mins added time.
GOAL for Guiseley. Tom Pratt makes it 4-1 to the visitors. 90+2 mins.
There’s a bit of argy-bargy now. Alex Marshall and Jameel Ible get yellows.
Then the whistle goes.
Full time: Ilkeston 1 Guiseley 4.


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