Students from Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy displayed their stunning artwork at an end of year exhibition.

Year 13 students’ BTEC National Extended Diploma Art and Design coursework was on show alongside A-level Art work.

Some students also found out their BTEC results including Maxine Clay, 18, who achieved three Distinctions and will go on to De Montfort University to study Fine Art.

She said: “I’ve also just been told that I’ve got a scholarship from the Unite Foundation which basically means that all of my accommodation is paid for throughout my course which his great news. It’s something that is only awarded to 70 students across the whole university.”

Amelia Harris, 18, is going on to Loughborough University.

She said: “For part of my coursework I looked at the differences between urban and rural. We were given a theme and then it was up to us to interpret it.”

Georgia Hallsworth achieved two Distinctions and a Merit and is going to the University of Derby to study Fashion.

She said: “The theme for my A-level coursework was Jamaica and I looked at slavery and how it’s progressed to what it is today. I have Jamaican heritage in my family so I just thought it would be interesting to use it as my inspiration because it means something to me. I thought it would be good to find out more about the culture. I experimented with painting and distressing fabrics and that was inspired by thinking about how slaves were mistreated.

“For my BTEC coursework I looked into Greek Mythology and the Greek God Poseidon, the God of Water. I tried to make fabrics look like the sea. I covered one dress in mussel shells, which meant my dad had to eat a lot of mussels.”

Sarah Griffiths, Art teacher at OIEA, congratulated the students.

She said: “This was the result of two years of hard work for the BTEC National Extended Diploma students. They’ve done an amazing amount of work and they just flourished throughout the course and made lots of progress. They used lots of different materials and techniques. Some went down the fashion and textiles route while others focused on fine art and graphic illustration.”


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