Students and staff from Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy joined the Bishop of Nottingham for the annual Diocesan Beauvale Pilgrimage.
The group welcomed and joined a procession that had walked to Beauvale Priory, in Moorgreen, Nottingham.
Saint John Houghton CVA students welcomed pupils from The Priory Catholic Voluntary Academy in Eastwood and walked from Beauvale Lane through the Priory to the Beauvale Stone.
When the group arrived at Beauvale, Bishop Patrick McKinney said a blessing and held an outside Mass in the Priory grounds with Saint John Houghton CVA students Robert Smith and Adam Kavanagh reading and Anna Pancisi leading the way with the offertory.
Rachel Rose, chaplain at Saint John Houghton CVA, in Kirk Hallam, congratulated everyone who took part.
She said: “How lovely to see old friends and gather in Beauvale with our diocese, in honour of the English Martyrs and especially Saint John Houghton and Blessed Robert Lawrence.
“Many thanks to all the staff and pupils who supported this special day from Saint John Houghton CVA and The Priory and a huge thanks to the parents who gave up their time and love to join us.

“Special praise and thanks to Robert Smith, Adam Kavanagh and Anna Pancisi. How lovely it was to see Saint John Houghton students as Altar Servers and joining The Knights.

“It was a special Mass and in glorious sunshine a most enjoyable afternoon. Bishop Patrick reminded us about the faith of Saint John Houghton and asked us to find time for silence and reflection in our busy lives.”

Liam Evans, 12, a student at Saint John Houghton CVA, said he enjoyed taking part.

He said: “I held the banner during the walk. When we arrived, Bishop Patrick spoke about the life of Saint John Houghton and said that we must find time in our lives for silence and reflection.”

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