Ilkeston Town v Radcliffe updates here from 3pm.
Radcliffe have been top all season except for two weeks when they slipped to 2nd.
So are Ilkeston in for a thrashing? Or will they surprise everyone?
We’ll soon find out.
Also we’ll bring you goal flashes from Derby, Forest and Notts County matches.
It’s almost kick-off time.
Here’s how the teams line up at the NMG:
Ilkeston Town:
1 Yates, 2 King, 3 Perch, 4 Eratt-Thompson, 5 Marshall T, 6 Cox, 7 Wafula, 9 Dixon, 9 Cursons, 10 Meikle, 11 Starkie.
Bench: 12 Brandy, 14 Minkley, 16 Parker, 17 Marshall A, 18 Loughlan.
1 Hewlett, 2Jackson, 3 Oyibo, 4 Maynard, 5 Thormley, 6 Smith, 7 Hancock, 8 Adams, 9 Hulme, 10 Tomlinson, 11Dudley.
Bench: 12 Mercer, 14 Modi, 15 Duxbury,16 Tse, 18 Bange.
Ilkeston in red; Radcliffe in blue.
Peep! We’re off. Ilkeston defending the car park end.
3 mins gone and Radcliffe have the ball in Ilkeston’s net – but it’s given offside.
[Villa 1 Forest 0, 4 mins]
[Notts 0 Crewe 1, 7 mins]
It’s still 0-0 at the NMG. Starkie broke and created a chance for Ilkeston but Dixon’s shot went wide.
Ilkeston have forced three corners!
Cursons shot saved by Hewlett who can’t hold his shot but then grabs the loose ball.
[Barnsley 0 Derby 1, 18 mins]
Ilkeston have the edge at the moment.
Yates makes a good save from a Radcliffe attack, then the corner is cleared.
Now a period of Radcliffe forward play.
GOAL for Radcliffe. Lois Maynard scores from close range. 29 mins. 1-0 to the visitors.
[Barnsley 1 Derby 1; Villa 2 Forest 0; Notts 0 Crewe 2]
Starkie almost through for Ilkeston, then Eratt-Thompson’s free kick causes problems but Radcliffe get it away eventually.
Great effort by Cursons flies just over, followed by a big penalty shout as a Radcliffe defender appears to handle the ball to stop Meikle’s shot, but the ref doesn’t give it.
Ilkeston pressing!
Now Cursons appears to be dragged down in the box but again the ref says no penalty.
Strong added time finish by Ilkeston has the visitors defending for all they’re worth – two Radcliffe players booked for foul play.
Half time: Ilkeston 0 Radcliffe 1.
[HTs: Aston Villa 3 Nottm Forest 1, Barnsley 1 Derby 1; Notts County 0 Crewe Alexandra 2]

RED CARDS. Sensational end to the half. As the teams go off, a fight breaks out involving several players. Luke Cox (Ilkeston) and Willem Tomlinson (Radcliffe) are shown red cards, so both teams will resume playing with ten men.
Ilkeston have done really well against the league leaders and are unlucky to be behind.
GOAL! Ilkeston have equalised. Dixon’s rasper gets Ilkeston level on 47 mins, 1-1.
GOAL for Radcliffe. Dudley replies straight away. 49 mins. 1-2.
Ilkeston resume attacking. But Radcliffe are dangerous on the break.
Brandy comes on for King for Ilkeston.
Both teams are threatening to score.
James Perch’s header is a near miss for Ilkeston as the league leaders resort to delaying tactics.
[Latest: Villa 4 Forest 2, Barnsley 2 Derby 1; Notts 0 Crewe 3]
Cursons makes a chance but his shot is wide.
A Radcliffe player clatters hard into Ilkeston keeper Yates. No need for that. Yates does well to get the ball away.
Today’s attendance: 698.
Oyibo wins a corner for Radcliffe. Its cleared.
Starkie shot saved at the other end. Ilkeston are trying but time is running out.
Three minutes added time.
Cursons is brought down on the edge of Radcliffe’s penalty area.
The Radcliffe keeper makes a great save to foil Ilkeston’s last ditch effort to get something from the game.
Full time: Ilkeston 1 Radcliffe 2.


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