The Wizard entertains

Simon Whitlock, an Australian professional darts player known as The Wizard played exhibition matches at the Market Inn, Ilkeston on Thursday 7th December.
He played local challengers, the best being James Byrne.
“Wizard was a great entertainer,” said Phil, “He played to the crowd and gave his opponents a chance. But his ability usually came through in the end.”
More darts stars have been booked for the future. “We’ve got Catrina Gulliver, Martin Adams and Colin Osborne coming to the Market Inn on 4th March,” Phil told us, “and Rob Cross, 2018 world champion, on a date to be confirmed.
“Catrina Gulliver is the 10-time Women’s World Professional Darts Champion, so should be a big draw for darts fans in the area.”
Pictured is organiser Phil O’Neill, centre, and The Wizard (with beard, right) and Jamie ‘Jabba’ Caven, English former professional, a guest at the event.


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