We have received the following message about a lost sampler. It’s a long shot, but if anyone can help please reply.

Elizabeth Halls:
Hello. Some years back, my Mum, who is now 95, by sent a very cherished and irreplaceable family item to a charity shop. It was an old and very dark and faded child’s sampler, done by one of our ancestors in the early 19th Century. The wording is sombre: “Let me improve the hours I have/ before the day of grace is fled/ there’s no repentence in the grave/ nor pardon offered to the dead./ Ellen Lancaster aged 11 – at least I think that was her age. I can’t remember if it had the date on it. My Mum still has a miniature of Ellen Lancaster as a young woman, dressed in black in the fashion of the early 19th Century. We are really sad that the sampler that goes with it is lost for ever. It was so grubby looking that it may be no one bought it and it was thrown away, but I’m writing now in the one-in-a-million chance that someone bought it and still has it. Can you help?


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