Frank Watson
28.11.1946 – 30.9.2023

Residents and staff of Oliver House are sad to be saying goodbye to Frank Watson.
Frank came to the Kirk Hallam nursing home in 2018 and will be remembered as a kind and gentlemanly person.
He used to work at Belfield Furnishing as the caretaker for many years and had lots of friends there.
He had a wide love of music, enjoying Abba, Elvis Presley, rock n’ roll and country music.
He enjoyed singing and dancing and interacted well with everyone in the lounge at Oliver House.
Frank enjoyed watching football on TV, tucking into traditional dinners and puddings – especially puddings – and having banter with staff, especially with Denise (carer) who claimed she was ‘Mrs Frank’ although he kept telling her he was never married.
His radio was his companion in his room, providing pleasant listening at the end of the day.
Staff member Carol Lawson said:
“Now that you’re gone, Frank, the empty chair in the corner of the room stands as a reminder of your sweet soul and cheeky grin. Every single person at Oliver House has been your family and we hope that we did you proud, provided you with love, dignity and respect. We will all miss you but you’ll never be forgotten.”
Frank’s funeral will take place at Bramcote Crematorium tomorrow, 20th October.

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