A new cake treat on the shelf

It’s back to school time – a time when we remember how it was when we were young starting in a new school or a new class – and Stacey’s bakery has introduced a new cake called ‘Old School’.
It’s a madeira cake slice with a creamy top sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.
David Stacey, managing director, is hoping it will be a tea-time treat for everyone.
The launch illustrates perfectly how Stacey’s has maintained a long heritage of traditional baking while constantly reinventing its products with modern twists.
David says: “Four generations of bakers have provided our customers with their favourite and affordable indulgences. We have a long history of traditional products, but still adapt and move with the times.
“Over the years, production methods have changed, but we still deliver old favourites and modern twists, and with a constant eye on giving customers what they love at a price that they can afford.”
The bakery’s best-selling product, gingerbread is a prime example. The closely guarded secret recipe has remained the same for generations. However, now, instead of being rolled out by hand, a specialist machine takes on the work.
According to David, whose working day starts at 3am, “this gives us a more consistent product and makes it easier for us to keep the shops stocked as they are in high demand.” Around 300 to 400 of the little people are sold every day, plus many hedgehogs, llamas and ducks that are also available.



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