At Barefeet in the Park we think about YOU, our local community.
We had plans to stay open and create a cosy, warm, welcoming, safe, socially distanced, dry space over autumn/winter for you all to enjoy whilst still enjoying the beauty of Victoria Park.
We love the happiness Barefeet brings and would like to offer both indoor and outdoor areas to meet friends whilst supporting our mental health and wellbeing.
This will be October to May so we don’t interfere with other joint users of the space. The pavilion is not used in this period by anyone else.
Unfortunately, Barefeet have been told by official correspondence to remove all our lovely, cosy furniture, lighting and decor.
We can still use the area but only with large council furniture which we are concerned is not the best solution for social distancing and the pavilion is also not very welcoming.
We hope you support us with our petition and that Erewash Borough Council re-think their decision.
Gemma Worthington,
Barefeet in the Park

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