There is a green hill far away

Members of Ilkeston Methodist Church have come up with a novel way for Christians to mark Good Friday and Easter Sunday, even though church buildings are closed.
The coronavirus emergency means public gatherings are not allowed, but a group from St Andrews and Nottingham Road Methodist churches are calling on people of faith to sing at home.
Sylvia Gething of St Andrews told us: “Because of the lockdown, people are unable to attend services at the church they would normally go to on these important days. So we are asking them to sing in their gardens or driveways instead.
“At 10’clock on Good Friday morning we are asking them to sing ‘There is a green hill far away’ and at the same time on Easter Sunday ‘Thine be the glory’.”
Sylvia says people are responding to the call. “A number of people have said they are going to sing on the close where I live.”
It is hoped that some will video their endeavours and post them on Youtube.
Sylvia, who is a Treetops Hospice volunteer, says “I know many people are missing going to church, and they will be especially at Easter. But it would be wonderful if they could join in singing the words of these well-known hymns. If they are heard by neighbours and they are reminded of what Easter is all about, that will be a bonus."


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