Erewash Council swimming pools privatised by the Tories, now no lifeguard at children’s swimming lessons?

Catherine Atkinson Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Erewash is raising concerns about cuts to lifeguards during children’s swimming lessons.
Earlier this year Erewash Borough Council privatised the management of Leisure Centres.
Catherine suspects one of the decisions that has followed is the withdrawal of lifeguards from children’s swimming lessons. Lifeguards during lessons were previously deemed essential.
Catherine Atkinson said
“At my son’s lessons there used to be a life guard watching, now the instructor has to ensure the safety of all the children in the class as well as teaching them to swim.
“I’m calling for the life guards during children’s swimming lessons to be returned immediately.
“I know this call will be supported by many people who live in Erewash and believe profit shouldn’t be put above our children’s safety.”

Cllr Pam Ashley, Labour Shadow Member for Culture and Leisure:
“The Council has serious questions to answer about whether their contract with the private company has allowed life guards to be withdrawn from children’s swimming lessons.
“I will be pressing them on how much the company has spent on marketing and any changes that have been made to staffing. I want to know how these decisions are being made and where the accountability is to the people of Erewash.”


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