Twenty Year 10 and 11 students have flown out to Nepal where they will spend two weeks trekking and working on a community project.
Students are also responsible for planning the itinerary and booking accommodation along the way.
Each student had to raise £2,690 to fund the trip and to do this they held events, took part in charity runs and made and sold Christmas decorations.
Three members of staff are accompanying them to Nepal, including James Wheldon, Design Technology teacher, who is leading the trip.
Speaking before the group left, he said: “I’ve led World Challenge trips before but this is the first one for Saint John Houghton students.
“Everyone is feeling good about it and from my experience of leading expeditions and knowing what happens I think this trip will be fantastic for the students.
“They will get to experience different cultures and religions and in the past I’ve known students come back as completely different people. They will all have roles and responsibilities from arranging travel to budgeting for their food.”
Student Oliver Smith, 15, is taking part in the trip despite suffering serious arm injuries in an accident in April.
He lost the feeling in his right hand and has to wear a splint to protect his arm – which prompted Mr Wheldon to make him a 3D printed finger so that he could type and complete his GCSE coursework.
Oliver said: “I do feel a little bit nervous about being away from home for so long but I’m excited to be going. I’m looking forward to going on a plane as I haven’t been on one for a long time. I have to wear a splint on my right arm and can’t use my hand so there’s just little things that I’ll need help with like tying my shoelaces. I think the only thing I won’t be able to do is the white water rafting.”

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