Could the American Adventure theme park rise again?

A wave of enthusiasm is sweeping Ilkeston and district as thousands sign a petition to bring it back.

The site opened in 1987 and closed in 2007. For twenty years it drew young and old thrill seekers to rides and wild west shows on land next to Shipley Country Park.

Now Declan Salmon has organised a petition to present to Derbyshire County Council asking them to give the popular tourist attraction a second chance.

Well over three thousand people have now signed the petition in just a few days, so Declan is hopeful of collecting his target of 10,000 signatures.

An American Adventure Theme Park Facebook page has been set up to chart the progress of the petition and to remind people of how good it used to be with photographs and memories.

The Missile roller coaster and the Log Flume were big favourites at the park along with cowboy shoot-outs at Lazy Lil’s Saloon. A pirate ship also sailed on the adjoining lake which was a popular feature and quieter area for those who preferred a more tranquil scene.

Plans to build a village with houses, businesses and shops on the site have already been approved, so it may be too late to resurrect the park where it was. Petitioners are hopeful though that it can be rebuilt close by.

Mr Salmon says: “I know we need the houses but not near a lake because, if it rains, the lake will keep rising and could cause flooding.”

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