Happy birthday Margery – 100 years old yesterday!

Margery Slaney (nee Chamberlain) celebrated her 100th birthday on the 15th July and a surprise party was held for her at the Wilford View Care Home where she is a resident.
Her century was toasted by all her family and friends together with staff at the care home.
Margery was born in Awsworth and moved with her family to Kimberley when she was eight years old.
She had five older sisters, one older brother and one younger brother, all of whom have sadly passed away.
She worked at the gun factory (ROF) in Nottingham during the war years.
In 1946 she married Dennis and they bought their house on Station Road, Awsworth in 1948. They had two children, Margaret in 1947 and Keith in 1949. Dennis died in 1994.
Margery has three grandchildren, Lorraine, Stephen and Kirsten, together with eight great grandchildren and two great great grandsons.
Margery lived at Station Road, Awsworth for 75 years before moving into Wilford View Care Home.


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