Remember this? When the Morrisons roundabout was officially named Gnome Island.
The February 2015 Ilkeston Life had the story on its front page.
Erewash Council Planning Committee agreed to formally name the newly created island on Nottingham Road ‘Gnome Island’.
Since installing the island, workmen had begun to notice garden gnomes appearing on the artificial grass. Where had they come from? They soon became a visitor attraction. Children wanted to stop and look. People could be seen pointing at them from bus windows.
But oh dear, some of them got kicked around by vandals. Townspeople were angry, and the gnomes had to go into hiding.
So it’s not often they’re seen these days.
But the island is still known as Gnome Island and Ilson Gnome, the original gnome – the first one to arrive – is now a celebrity, making appearances at events in town and even at the recent Glastonbury Music Festival. He has his own Facebook page and has thousands of followers. Posts by him or about him attract a big response!



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