Care home residents remember their dads

As we approach the celebration of Father’s Day this year, the residents of Canal Vue Care Home have embarked on a poignant journey, unearthing and sharing cherished memories of their dads. The result is a moving tribute to the men who shaped their lives, a testament to the power of remembering, and a heart-warming reminder of the enduring nature of a father’s love.
Residents penned down their thoughts, emotions, and anecdotes. One wrote: ‘My dad was a very big man and looked after me well’; another wrote: ‘My dad was kind, loving and smart’.
Natalie Summerfield, Activities Coordinator at Canal Vue Care Home said: “Writing the memories of their late fathers made their faces light up as they remembered.
“Every story told is a treasure, a patchwork of experiences and emotions that are profoundly personal yet universally relatable.
“They bring smiles, sometimes tears, but most importantly, they help maintain the connections to the past and to the people who have made us who we are today.
“The activity sparked many conversations among the residents, prompting them to share their stories with each other and finding common threads in their individual stories.”
On Father’s Day itself, Canal Vue plans to display all the written memories as a fitting tribute to all the fathers who, though they may no longer be with us, continue to live in the hearts and memories of the residents.

Photos: Canal Vue Care Home residents remind us that Father’s Day is not just about the presents we give but about the memories we cherish.



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