The senior team at Kirk Hallam Community Academy held a buffet tea for former staff and alumni this month to celebrate their continued relationship with the school community and thank them for their service over the years.
Chris Turner, Headteacher, said: ‘We were delighted to welcome former staff and students to the academy, some of whom had taught or studied at the school when it opened in 1973.
“Over the course of this academic year we have thought deeply about our place within the community, the history of the organisation and our core purpose as a school. It was wonderful to reconnect and meet with so many people who are just as passionate as us about the school’s rich history. We also had the opportunity to share news about our exciting future as we begin to plan for the new build project. It was lovely to hear so many personal stories from staff and students about their memories of how the school has developed and changed over the years. “Students asked a series of questions of our visitors and it was intriguing to hear the opinions of such a diverse group of people, all of whom were so passionate about their time at Kirk Hallam.”
The alumni event precedes an exhibition opening at Erewash Museum which will showcase personal items and school memorabilia from across the last 50 years. The exhibition will run from 1st July to early September.


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