Ilkeston care home residents bring history to life with their favourite heroes and heroines

Two Ilkeston care homes, Haddon House and The Cedars and Larches, have been bringing historic moments to life for residents as part of a ‘Heroes and Heroines’ event.
Over 100 Four Seasons Health Care Group care homes across the UK have taken part in the project which saw residents exploring some of the events and people that have built history, as well as sharing their own knowledge and stories for a fascinating and fun trip down memory lane.
An ‘Extraordinary Afternoon Tea Party’ kicked off the event, with residents dressing up as some of their favourite heroes and heroines to see what sort of conversations people like Tutankhamun, Queen Victoria and Neil Armstrong might have if seated together for a cuppa and cake!
The homes’ Magic Moments Coordinators have also created memory boxes full of things to help spark memories and prompt discussions including photographs and newspaper clippings, historical objects, poems, scents and music from different eras.
Resident, Sylvia Heys, aged 84, said: “I’ve had a super time finding out about some of the people who have made history. I was Neil Armstrong at our afternoon tea and I told everyone what it was like to be the first person to stand on the Moon!”
Resident June Hope, aged 83, said: “I thought history at school was boring but this has been so much fun. If my lessons had been like this, I might have paid more attention!”
Steve Gardner, who heads up the Magic Moments Activities Programme for the care homes, said: “Our residents and team members have really enjoyed getting involved in this project, sharing their expertise and memories to bring history to life in a fun and entertaining way. There have been some wonderful conversations and it’s been a great opportunity to reminisce about the past.”
Pictured enjoying the fun are Rosalind Wynn, Patricia Moore, June Hope and Sylvia Heys.
Haddon House Care Home is located in Lord Haddon Street and The Cedars and Larches Care Home in Queen’s Drive, Ilkeston.


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