Seeing familiar sights again

This morning Oliver House Nursing Home residents took a unique trip down ‘Memory Lane’ taking in Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston, Langley Mill, Eastwood, Wollaton, and Trowell.
They always enjoy recollection of past events; reminiscing is very stimulating and beneficial for them.
One of our lady residents waved her hand to people as she chatted and recalled things, pointing at pubs, moving vehicles, houses, horses and fields that were once a part of her life.
Carer Denise Brindley and I had so much fun seeing them looking so happy and awake. We have also learnt new things from one particular lady resident, that she was once had and rode a Honda motorbike. She was laughing and beaming as she told us her story.
Everyone is looking forward to our next bus ride to ‘Memory Lane’.
Thank you to Morrisons community champion Fay for the bag of goodies to send us on our way and to Erewash Personnel who looked after us during the journey.
– Carol Lawson



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