Darren’s On the Border in Ilkeston

An Ilkeston man who turned his unhealthy lifestyle around thanks to running is now supporting others with a Jog Derbyshire group.
Darren Hayes, 48, who is a volunteer leader at On the Border Trail Runs, was a heavy drinker and self-confessed party animal when he began his running journey to raise money for charity eight years ago.
The group has recently become part of Jog Derbyshire, a network of social, friendly jogging groups across the county.
Darren said: “Some friends of mine asked if I’d run a half marathon to raise money because one of their daughters was very poorly at the time. I said to myself: OK but this is all I’m doing, then the trainers are going in the bin.”
But Darren discovered that as he was practising for the half marathon, he was actually enjoying it and benefitting from it.
Until then, Darren’s lifestyle meant he spent very little time outside and this change made a big difference to his health, helping him to lose weight, stop his migraines and improve his sleep.
He said: “All I saw was the inside of the pub or nightclub and I think it was just getting outside in the fresh air. I pretty much stopped drinking. I started feeling better, my health got better. So I thought this must be doing me some good and just carried on.”
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