Little Elf’s ‘Pay it forward’scheme

Della Smith from Little Elf’s Kitchen is on a mission to help people in need.
The owner of the café, famous for its pies, wants to help local people who are struggling because of the current high cost of living.
Della has experienced homelessness herself and knows what it’s like to be skint.
She says: “We would like people who come into our café to consider joining our ‘pay it forward’ scheme. If they could pay for a hot fried egg cob or a coffee in addition to their purchase, we could feed someone in need.
“We would also like to receive donations of socks, gloves, warm hats – even sleeping bags – for distribution to people who need them.”
With a cold winter in prospect, Della believes Ilkeston folk would be happy to help.
Donations can be taken to the café on Station Road, Ilkeston (corner of Alvenor Street).

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