Young Chaucer School gardeners win prizes

A fantastic afternoon at the Erewash Borough Council #ErewashInBloom Awards at Morley Hayes with some of my gardening Buds and Mr Smith. I’m so happy and proud to announce that we won 1st place for ‘Best School Garden’, 1st Place for ‘Tallest Sunflower’ and 2nd Place for ‘Best Jubilee Display. We also won £100 for our precious #schoolgarden too. So happy for my Buds. They also did a small interview with Gardener Steve for Erewash Sound which will be on Tanya Prime’s Show tomorrow lunch 12-2pm. Go Team Chaucer. What a great day! Mrs Wheatley ❤️ #InBloom #Community #Gardening RHS Campaign for School Gardening 🌻


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