Urgent request for volunteers

Hannah Wade:

Hi, I know this is very short notice so not sure if you are able to help. I’m from Derby Kids’ Camp, we’re a local charity providing free holidays to Derbyshire kids in need. The first kids arrive on Sunday and we are starting to build the camp site from tomorrow morning (a fully functional canvas village) but we’ve had a lot of volunteers who were helping us build it drop out at the last minute for various reasons.

If you are able to share anything online in the next day or so it’d be really appreciated.

We have a press release here: https://derbykidscamp.co.uk/local-charity-urgently-needs-help-to-build-childrens-holiday-site/ and I have a word doc version I can send over via email if that’s easier.

A big thank you if you’re able to do anything to help!


Local charity urgently needs help to build children’s holiday site


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