Death of Barry Sutcliffe

We are very sorry to announce the death of Barry Sutcliffe on Thursday 5th May.
Barry was well known in the town as an accomplished artist and musician.
He was one of the leading members in the Smoothie Artists group and a player of several instruments in the worship group at Ilkeston Methodist Church, Nottingham Road.
He was involved with the Probus Club of Ilkeston and a keen supporter of Ilkeston Town Football Club.
He was also a friend of this newspaper and in 2021 wrote an article about ‘My Life in Music’, in which he revealed that during his national service days he became well known in military bands. This eventually led to him being given the opportunity to accompany Ken Dodd at the height of his recording career.
“Ken was looking for a local bass player and a drummer to accompany his own regular pianist at a local works performance – he did this alongside his big seaside shows – and I was the bass player to be ‘borrowed’. It was a great honour because he was a massive star at the time with some top ten hits including Tears, a number one hit.”
Before retirement, Barry ran the Post Office on Little Hallam Lane, which he and his wife Ann acquired in 1988.
After retirement, he devoted some of his time to teaching others how to improve their painting and playing of musical instruments.
He and Ann were season ticket holders at Ilkeston Town FC and loved the banter of fellow supporters. Barry was a real ambassador for the club, always encouraging his friends to ‘get down there’.
He leaves his wife Ann and son Jamie. Barry was 83.
Picture shows Barry in his garden.

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