New pastor at Elim

My name is Andrew Hitchcock and recently I was inducted as the pastor at Elim Christian Centre in Charlotte Street, my wife Emma, my two daughter Abigail, Lucy and me already feel very much at home with our lovely church family. We love God and we love people and have a great desire and call to see many come into a relationship with Jesus. We all live in this dark world with lots of pain and heartache, but the kingdom of God is one of Love, Joy and Peace given freely by the Holy Spirit. The aim for us and as a church family is to be an active part of the expansion of God’s kingdom here in Ilkeston community and beyond, by being a light in our little corners through sharing the love and joy of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to seeing more of the community over the next weeks and months at our special events that we are running at church. On Sunday 27th March at 10:30 we have Paul Stacey sharing his story of how he was able to miraculously put aside his life of fighting, substance abuse and rejection to follow Jesus. Looking forward to seeing you there, all are warmly welcomed. God bless you, Pastor Andy.

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