Honour for Tracy

Well done and well deserved. Paramedic for the homeless Tracy Cunningham has received an invitation from Her Majesty the Queen to attend a Royal Garden Party taking place at Buckingham Palace on 11th May.
It is ‘in recognition of her hard work and service during the NHS response to the Pandemic.’
Tracy helped set up Ilkeston’s Winter Shelter for the homeless in 2018 and managed it over the coldest period when dozens of people came and enjoyed the hospitality at a local church hall.
As well as a warm bed and a hot breakfast, they received first aid, haircuts and other treats, as well as help to find proper accommodation.
Tracy went on to become the designated helper for rough sleepers in Derby city centre. After treating one of them who had overdosed, she gained their trust and became ‘like a mother’ to them. From being reluctant to seek help, they now come looking for her if someone is ill.
In December she won a 2021 BBC Radio Derby award for ‘Making a Difference’ and was featured on TV.
Tracy says the Queen’s invitation to the royal event brought tears to her eyes and she is excitedly looking forward to it.

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