Ilkeston Scouts are looking for dragons.

Can you find the 4th’s Dragons, they have gone missing, we require Dragon trainers to tell us where they are. If you find one leave it where it is as dragons can be very dangerous, and we will collect it later. Ten have escaped.
Look out for the clues !
They will be posted on Saturday, we will have two weeks to round them up until May 2nd.

St George Dragon Hunt – Ilkeston
The Dragons have invaded Ilkeston, lurking in windows, peeking round trees, they have discovered hiding places
never before seen!
Can you find one, can you find all…. Are you prepared to hunt them down and help St George?!
Located around Ilkeston and surrounds we have hidden 80 Dragons for you to find. Follow the clues and find the
dragons. We have several breeds! Which coloured tummies will you find?
Red Eyed Dragons – Apocalypse ESU
Black and Yellow Crested Dragons – 2
nd Ilkeston
Red and Green (oops Blue) Dragons – 4
th Ilkeston
Purple Dragons – SAS and 8th Ilkeston
Gold and Red Tummied Dragons – 10th Ilkeston and Voyager ESU
Yellow and Green Bellied Dragons – 16th Ilkeston
Golden Dragons – 21st Ilkeston

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