Oliver House Knitting & Natter Group

Thursday morning opportunity for a cuppa and a chat. Encouraging our residents to continue the skills they’ve learnt in the past. A great way to reminisce, provides a chance for creativity (at a time of reducing capacity). Increase sense of well-being. Reduces loneliness and isolation. It gives us all a sense of purpose and achievement. This activity allows the Knitter and other Natter including Christine (kitchen Assistant), Sharon (Deputy Manager)and Sonia (Home Manager) to sit down and relax for few minutes to induce a state of relaxations away from their busy daily work stress and another opportunity to co-exist with the residents. This activity makes the heart rate slows down and blood pressure lowers. It is as good as Yoga and Tai Chi and proven to be very therapeutic. We have also produced a cute Easter eggs basket and bunnies which are on sale to boost our Residents Funding to support further activities for the residents.

I am hoping this group will be more popular when COVID-19’s restrictions are lifted, we already have volunteers from residents family and would like to extend our gratitude for Pat and Rose who donated bags of yarn and lovely patterns.

Kind regards
Carol Lawson
Activities and Wellbeing Coordinator

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