Louise Elizabeth King:
Just wanted to know if you can put this on your page.
I have signed up to do the virtual Walk the Walk Moon Walk. It’s a little different to normal this year. Due to Covid this year I will be walking 13.2 miles around my local village and town in the day time in my bra instead of London at night.

This will be my fifth time at completing this challenge.

Here is my link to my donation page!!!!

I know things are tight right now and I am not going to sit here and beg you to give me your money. But if you are able to give please do. If not I will never think wrong of you, all I ask if that you just spare a thought or laugh for me on the 15th May 2021.

I also have received all my gear the other day. I have my bra (needs decorating), t-shirt, hat and accessories.

Yes I know the hat etc say 2020 and I know it is 2021 but you need to know this is what they are calling waste free walking.
Last year they had thousands of these made for the 2020 walk the walk but due to Covid it got cancelled. So instead of destroying thousands of products and having new ones made for 21 we are using last year’s products to save the on waste.

I will be starting my walk at jct 27 and finishing at West Hallam.
Thank you.

The Virtual MoonWalk London

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