A clean sweep
The streets of Erewash will be soon be given a new shine thanks to the purchase of a new road sweeper by Erewash Borough Council.

The new cost-effective addition will help bolster the efforts of the council’s cleaning teams and be out and about in towns and villages in a bid to clean up the borough. While we all appreciate having pavements and roads that are clean and litter-free, there is so much more to sweepers than keeping public areas tidy and safe. By clearing debris and natural waste, sweepers contribute to a healthier world.
Road sweepers help contribute to a safer environment by collecting debris such as sediment, rubbish, metals, petroleum products and other waste – reducing the likelihood of these pollutants entering our storm water systems. In addition, by keeping the gutters and drains clear, sweepers reduce the risk of flooding in the event of heavy rain.
A clean street means that a road gutter or storm water runoff is generally free from dirt, leaves, and litter. This creates a more effective purification process – and tap water that is safe to use.
Lead member for Environment, Councillor Garry Hickton, said:

“The new road sweeper will benefit both the environment and our long term health, the old appliance had reached the end of its operational life so we needed a replacement that offered efficiency, low maintenance, economical running costs and lower water usage. It also limits the amount of dust kicked up during the sweeping process – leading to less air pollution. It will be a great asset to the cleaning team helping to keep Erewash clean and tidy.”


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