Little Molly Andersen has raised £75 for Treetops Hospice Care by picking litter around Straws Bridge (Swan Lake) and Manor Floods, Ilkeston.

The five-year-old is working towards an award at school and one of the tasks was to raise £10 for charity and another to help clean up the community.

Helped by her mum Kelly Hodgson, she combined the two and exceeded the amount raised for her good cause.

They filled several bags with discarded packages, bottles and cans to leave the area looking much tidier.

Molly told family and friends what she was doing and they donated money to encourage her. She chose Treetops because it’s her favourite charity shop where her grandmother Elaine Sowter is manager.

Molly said: “Mama Lainey works there and it’s closed, but it still needs to raise funds for poorly people.”

Molly and her mum live in Ilkeston. She enjoys drawing, exploring the woodlands and spending time with her family and with her teddies. She has her eye on a big cuddly rabbit in the window of her mama’s shop and has asked her to save it for her to buy when it re-opens.

if you would like to learn more about Treetops Hospice please visit their website


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