Della Smith has had a run of bad luck. First her family was robbed, then she lost her job as a result of the Covid pandemic. But she is now bouncing back as a result of her pie-making skill.
Her home-made steak, mince and onion and meat and potato pies were so popular with friends and neighbours that she is in the process of taking over a café on Station Road to sell them.
Also available will be chicken and mushroom pies, sausage pie, cheese and onion quiche, as well as a selection of desserts such as apple crumble and butterscotch tart.
Della told us: “When I started making the pies I had no idea they would take off like they did. I called them Little Elfs Pies. They have been so popular that I have managed to save and open a small café and pie shop – previously the Number 1 Sandwich Bar on the corner of Alvenor Street.
“We will be doing breakfast for collection and takeaway with a difference. We will be selling sausage fritters as an alternative to sausages, also eggy bread and bubble-and-squeak. As far as possible, everything is homemade and old school. We have had some amazing reviews.
“Eventually we are hoping to do a pay it forward to help those in need.”
Check out Little Elfs Pies on Facebook for more information.


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