Manners maketh man, says the proverb. And the good manners and politeness of six-year-old Bella Rose Tuck made a big impression on window cleaner Kev Hill.
So much so that he sent an email to Bella’s school asking them to award her a gold star.
It read:
“It is with a very happy heart I send this email and hope you feel the same way I did. I’ve worked in Kirk Hallam as a window cleaner for 35 years and this morning I was greeted by a young six-year-old LADY with my payment. She greeted me with a lovely smile as she was just leaving for her first day back at school and said: ‘There you go Kev, is there anything I can help you with?’ I replied ‘No but thank you’ and she said ‘You are most welcome’ with such sincerity. This actually made my day and tells me we are going to have a better year. I spoke to her grandma who was taking her to school and told here I would love to give her a gold star. It just goes to show that between her parents, grandparents and yourselves, you are all doing a great job with these youngsters. The young lady is Bella Tuck. I really hope you can give her a gold star for me. I would really appreciate that.”
Bella did get her gold star as can be seen in the picture.
Bella’s parents are Danny Tuck and Leanne Fisher.


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